Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Bayan - 212 E 45th St (2nd/3rd Avenue) (Filipino)
Reviewers have already noted that Bayan isn’t much for atmosphere. And its not – occupying a small undecorated nook in a corner of mid-town east (making it the only Filipino place – at least that I know of – in the vicinity.) Nor does it have much in the way of customer courtesy. At Bayan you’ll get basic attention, but smiles and warmth are not part of the package. Still, the food is always where its at, and Bayan does have a good selection, from Lumpia and Pancit, to Goto and Arroz Caldo (rice porridge with tripe or chicken). Am I wowed by the place? Nah. But I’ll keep it in my mental rolodez for the next time I get an urge – because it’s nice to know where you can find Halo Halo when you’re working in Mid-Town.

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