Friday, July 16, 2010


Otafuku - 236 East 9th Street (2nd/3rd Avenue) (Japanese)
Yummers! It's a nook in the wall place around the corner from St. Mark's, and they only make three things: Takoyaki, Okonomi Yaki, and Yakisoba. That's Octopus Balls, Japanese Pizza/Pancake, and Fried Noodles. (It's kind of a Okonomi Japanese version of Pomme Frites, a Belgian Fry place that's also around the corner. They only make Belgian Fries--the best in the city I may add--and Otafuku only makes the holy yaki trilogy. It takes awhile to get an Okonomi, because they're made fresh. But do it, and get all the yummy brown sauce and fish flakes on top of it!

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