Friday, July 16, 2010

Hot and Spicy

Hot and Spicy (aka Savi's Quik Serv) - 120-23 Liberty Avenue (Trinidad/Guyana)
One of the best stops on the Liberty Avenue Line, this establishment has it all - pleasant service, great prices, a nice casual atmosphere, and a wide variety of tempting treats, from snacks to full fledged meals.
A great place to learn about Trinidadian/Guyanese cuisine, Hot and Spicy offers a full menu of options - including an impressive variety of roti, both vegetarian and carnivorous. Alternative dishes also beckon - and this is where Hot and Spicy truly shines - offering local treats such as aloo (mashed potato) pie, macaroni pie, Trinidadian Low Mein and Egg Balls (made from deep fried cassava with a boiled egg center.) Then there are the sweets - filling the counter with kurma crisps, pine tarts and local desserts like pone cassava cake. Not that you'll have room - but isn't that what take home is for?

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