Friday, July 16, 2010

Cecil Cafe Crepe

Cecil Cafe Crepe - 135 First Avenue (St. Mark's and 9th) (Fusion/Japanese)

A cute little creperie, located between St. Marks and 9th. Like many Japanese influenced boutiques, the space is small, classy and pristine - sure to catch your eye as you wander along first avenue. Which is a good thing, since CCC is not well advertised on the net (as of this writing, there were no postings in either citysearch or menupages. Averaging around $7.00 per item, CCC serves crepes both sweet and savory - medium sized, delicate wraps filled with ingredients ranging from capers, ham and/or tuna to ice cream, sweet red bean and/or cream. (Not all at once of course...capers and ice cream? Oh blechhh!) Both sides of the spectrum are tasty, though none transcendant. But the crepes themselves are light, and enjoyable...with a texture that proved the most memorable aspect of the trip for me. So if you're in alphabet city, you should stop by and pick up a wrap. You might really enjoy it.

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