Friday, July 16, 2010

Great Jones Cafe

Great Jones Cafe - 54 Great Jones Street (Cajun/Creole)
A nifty little hole in the wall, located near the south end of the east village (competitively close both to ACME and Mara's - two other cajun joints in the neighborhood.) Loud and packed with diners, Great Jones isn't the place for fancy eatin' (the menu--which is limited--is written right on the wall.) Nor it the place *overly* authentic (then again, what NYC place is, following the demise of Cooking With Jazz?) The hurricanes seem a little on the light side, and there's no bread pudding to be found. But the service is warm and friendly, the portions large...and the food is tasty (highlights of our trip included veggie jambalaya, blackened fish and really good sweet potato fries.) In other words, basic Cajun comfort food. So if you've craving a po' boy, Great Jones is a good spot to know. Just don't dress up like you're headin' to Bayou!

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