Friday, July 16, 2010

Curly's Vegetarian Lunch

Curly's Vegetarian Lunch - 328 East 14th Street (Vegetarian/Vegan and some Omni Stuff)
My new favorite comfort-food stop - an unassuming vegetarian/vegan joint offering lots o' tasty (but not necessarily gourmet) stuff...including Maryland crabfakes, soy mac and cheese, and all-day breakfast options like pancakes and scrambled tofu. With entrees ranging from burritos to sloppy joes, there's also stuff for the omnivores in your life. But for me, the vegan options are the highlight of the show - especially the dreamalicious deep fried banana-chocolate chimichanga (with soy ice cream, no less!) Other tempting desserts include sopapilla y nieve, with a fried tortilla, ice cream and maple syrup drizzle. All that, and it's easily accessible from the 14th street green line stop (and the service--while not sterling--is pleasant enough.) Kate's, eat your heart out!

3/26/07 Update - came back to try the sopapilla. No, it wasn't all that I 'd hoped for. But as long as they've got the chimichanga, Curly's dessert are still aces in my book.

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