Friday, July 16, 2010

Caravan of Dreams

Caravan of Dreams - 405 E. 6th Street (Between Avenue A and 1st) (Vegan)
One of the better known vegan restaurants, serving up a wide variety of salads, smoothies, sandwiches (and even "raw food" snacks ranging from soup to meatballs.) Balanced on the edge of Alphabet City, Caravan's decor is hip and cute - and somewhat classier than its weather-beaten exterior might lead one to think. The staff is nice, and the food is fair. During the Gaijin Girl trip, the pesto pizza proved tasty (though hardly worth the $15 price tag). A "live" brownie was also pleasant (though paling in comparison to Pure Food and Wine's Chocolate Ganache.) The unchicken nachos saved the day - offering great comfort food, buried under mounds of guacamole, salsa, blacks beans...and a shredded seitan that felt and tasted like really good chicken. Now those babies might be worth a second trip...if it weren't for the overblown prices!

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