Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Kenka - 25 St. Marks (Japanese)
A funky restaurant in the heart of St. Marks.

I originally had a very fond view of this place, but that's recently changed, giving it the dubious distinction of 1 of only about 2 places that I'm really displeased and negative about. Just came back from a run to Kenka for, yes, turkey testicles. (Don't giggle!) They just kept striking out on so many levels. 1) You can't order "to go". 2) It took an inordinately long time to get the order. 3) The $6.00 order turned out to be the size of four large lima beans.... 4) When I approached the waitress to give her the money, because I had to get going and it was getting late, I got an attitude in return. It's a real shame, because I'd planned to sample a few more things on the menu, and now I've got--well--a bad taste in my mouth about the place (no, it wasn't the testicles!). I seriously doubt I'm going back. Oh well.

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