Friday, July 16, 2010

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market - 250 7th Avenue/Cross is 24th Street - also 14th Street at Union Square (International Grocery Store)...and a host of other places (God, this chain is really breeding!!)
Just a great grocery store, with an international variety. Not quite as good as it could be (if you know your stuff and are looking for something really specific), but worth going and gawking anyway.

Additional note (03/08) - One warning/caveat about Whole Foods markets. They're just TOO *&()^((*&(*& crowded. Honestly, the places are so packed that it's positively unpleasant to shop in WF these days. And since they're not really as well stocked as, say, Lifethyme or even Heath Nuts, it's just not worth it. Whole Foods, it just ain't all that...!

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