Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ukrainian East Village Restaurant

Ukrainian East Village Restaurant - 140 2nd Avenue (9th Street and St. Mark's) (Ukrainian)
A small East European restaurant, located in the heart of Saint Mark's. Decorated with a plain burgundy-white banner, UEV specializes in homestyle Ukrainian cooking - from Kasha to Beef Stroganoff and Borscht (very affordable, at less than $3.00 per soup.) While surprisingly well decorated, service can be brusque. And on my one visit, the food proved uninspiring - the pierogi/varenykys soft, buttery and bland. While better, the dessert (apple strudel) was just...okay. Was it the fault of UEV, or just normal for Ukrainian fare? Given my lack of exposure to the cuisine, I can't be sure. But the sampling was small, and first impressions have been known to be wrong. So try this place yourself - and be sure to report back!

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