Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Mancora - 99 1st Avenue (off Seventh Street) (Peruvian)
Yet another foray into the the non-Asian world of cuisine - this time with a positive score! Having never had Peruvian (and drawn by the attractive signage outside), I finally wandering into Mancora. Granted, it hadn't gotten all the best reviews in Citysearch, but I felt I had to try. Sushi lover (and spicy eater) that I am, there was really only one choice to make - the ceviche mixtu, a spicy serving of raw fish marinated in lemon. Score one for the gipper. There was nothing I didn't like. Low carby, high in raw fish tangy yummyness. The food came out quickly (what really was there to do?) and the staff were all nice and personable. Granted, I've got quite a few new Malaysian places to hit next...but once I'm done, Mancora has me sold. They're worth going back to.

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