Friday, July 16, 2010

Saint Alps Teahouse

Saint's Alps Teahouse - 39th Third Avenue (There are other locations also) (Taiwan)
On first glance, I rather like this place. It's a little on the pop-mod-stylish side, and they've got a ton of very reasonably priced snacks, great for sampling. And it's got bubble tea, of course. Since I'm not sure how traditional the place is (ie: are their munchies proprietary or served elsewhere?), I'm going to break tradition and list quick thoughts about their offerings here (as opposed to on the usual food pages:

Coconut Butter Pancakes - Very sweet and nice, a good spin on hotcakes!
Matcha (Green Tea) Butter Toast - Bright green (had to tell friends it wasn't mold!) In actuality, a very mild flavored snack. So-so.

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