Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Casbah Rouge

Casbah Rouge - 2841 Broadway (Moroccan)
I was really, really looking forward to this place - invited for a birthday party, and I'd never tried Moraccan before. Always up for something new, I waited all week to go there. And besides, I'd never had a hookah, and that was just...intreguing. I got there, and the place did have good ambiance. Dark, kind of mystery-murky, with really NICE lights. But then...the food and drinks came. The drinks - well, they were just your average Manhattan cocktails. Too expensive, and just okay/sweet. As for the food? I eagerly waited for the Moraccan cigars, which came out deep fried (probably a normal thing, but they just reminded me of your average Chinese takout egg rolls.) Then the Tangine. Another neat concept - but in was just a stew. Honestly, the best two things about this place? A really good looking waiter...and AMAZING bread/hummus dip. No, it wasn't worth it. But now I can say I tried.

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