Friday, July 16, 2010

Sullivan Street Bakery

Sullivan Street Bakery - 533 W. 47th (10th and 11th Avenue) (Bakery/Bread) (Also: 73 Sullivan Street)
Located on the far westend of town - a small classy bakery, specializing in loaves and other baked goods. Specifically interesting are the pizza slices - made from thin slices of bread, decorated with toppings such as potato, tomato or mushroom. (Vegans take note: several of the options are cheeseless....and wow, the mushroom slice is very good.) On the GG trip, I also sampled the whole wheat loaf - which proved to be substantial and tasty-chewy. While I wouldn't trek all the way across town for it, fans swear by this place, calling it the best bread in NYC. So give it a try - either at the Hell's Kitchen location, or the original spot downtown on Sullivan Street.

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