Friday, July 16, 2010


Quintessence - 263 E. 10th St (Raw Vegan)
I've been wanting to go here for awhile (yes, I know that it's not Asian, but I've been interested in the concept of raw food, and wanted to see what its was like at a good restaurant.) For the record, Quintessence is a small, elegant type nook, located between 1st Avenue and Avenue A on the eastside. I had a full three course meal, of a kamut crust pizzalet, yellow squash pasta, and a "live" pecan pie. I have to say, it was good - the pizzalet was rather small, but quite yummy, and the sauce for the "pasta" was scrumptious. (The pasta itself was pretty nifty.) Cost? Too much, for me to ever turn the place into a regular hangout. But I'm glad I went. Other nice thing? Because the food is raw, it only took 10 minutes for preparation!!

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