Tuesday, July 13, 2010

BB African and American Restaurant

B. B African and American Restaurant - 1715 Webster Avenue (West African)
Recently, I've found myself craving african food. No, not Ethiopean, but harder-to-find fare - such as Nigerian and Seneglese. Fortunately, I live in the Bronx - home to several unofficial african communities...all within reach from my home base of Moshulu/Norwood.

One such area is Webster Avenue - an elongated strip of road clustered with several west african spots - including a long established joint known as B.B. African and American Restaurant. Saturday night, I took the plunge - jumping on the D train at 7:30PM. Armed with knowledge from Hop Stop, it was a quick ride to 176th street - augmented by 10 extra minutes on foot. It was still light out when I arrived....not bad, considering that B.B. African is open 24 hours.

Unfortunately, the food was almost gone. Some spinach remained - as did a sampling of their American fare. But as for west african? Not much. Hoping to take home at least some information, I asked for a menu - also unavailable. Yes, the service seemed fine...there was just no food. Disappointed, I turned sadly away...only to find myself greeted by a cockroach crawling slowly up the wall. As the only other customer, he at least seemed happy...pausing briefly to wiggle his attenae and stop for a moment's rest.

For some reason, it made my day. Not unexpected company, at least in the heart of the Bronx. Honestly, I'd seen bigger in my own apartment (and I do keep things as clean as possible.) So the food still might have been good, tasty, and perfectly healthy. But the sight of the guy just summed up the experience, wiping out any interest I had accumulated in B.B. African's offerings. So I left BB on an empty stomach - perfectly content to do without.

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