Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blossom Gourmet Vegan

Blossom Gourmet Vegan - 187 9th Avenue (Between 21st and 22nd)

Four star vegan

The neighborhood known as Chelsea is not one of my regular haunts. Living in the Bronx--and working on Park Avenue--it's only natural that I'm an east-ender, roaming the green line to Canal Street or St. Marks - with rare reason to travel to the western end of the island.

But on one evening, my routine had taken me west - beginning with a stop-off at Columbus Avenue, followed by a quick jaunt through Hell's Kitchen. I'd been meaning to sample Blossom Gourmet Vegan - and 22nd street was only a few blocks south. Even given the cold winter air, the opportunity was obvious. And it proved to be worth the walk. Because Blossom is truly a class act.

When you're used to Chinatown, the decor at Blossom can take your breath away - an elegant, pristine space with candlelit tables and professional waitstaff. Unfortunately for my wallet, the prices are equally highbrow - resulting in a decision to forego the appetizer and head straight for the main course. My entree for the evening was the Phyllo Roulade - two crisp pastries filled with delicate lentils, and a side order of rainbow swiss chard. It proved to be a good choice - satisfying and light, with a complex mix of flavors, though somewhat small for an entree. But thank god, it left room for dessert. I had chosen the chocolate ganache, based on positive reviews that I had previously read. And well...it was truly fantastic - blowing previous experiences at Babycakes and Kates completely out of the water. Served with a side order of ice cream, the ganache was unbelievably rich for a vegan dessert...proving dairy unnecessary for sinfully rich sweets (and making me wonder how wonderful vegan cheesecake might be, if done by the right person.)

Is Blossom ready for the common man? No - for the prices are steep, and the portions relatively small (which is actually nice, leaving diners unbloated after a full meal.) But Blossom does pass the taste taste - too rich for a day on the town, but well suited for extra special occassions - ones which require flavor, atmosphere and that extra special something.

2/17/07 - Dessert newsflash: the apple sticks with caramel sauce is terrific, too! Not particularly filling - but with plenty of taste in a small, delicate, phyllo wrapped package. Equal in taste to the chocolate ganache - and providing yet another reason why Blossom is tops in its class.

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