Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cafe Zaiya

Cafe Zaiya - 69 Cooper Street
A cute little Japanese bakery, tucked right around the corner from the mouth of St. Marks.
A treasure trove of pan (Japanese bread), Zaiya is filled with a bunch of other delicacies and Japanese sweets:

Bread and buns are available in a load of varities, such as green tea or cheese flavored.
Grab and go quickie meals are also available, including onigiri, yakisoba (fried noodles) on a bun, and ham and cheese in a croissant.

During my visit, I personally tried a soba noodle salad - consisting of veggies, ginger dressing and a nest of cold soba buckwheat noodles. But honestly, the salad didn't begin to compare to the yummy (reasonable priced) sweets that followed. Among the must haves at Zaiya:

A whipped, green "fruit jelly" in a cup - light, flavorful, sweet and filling, and tasting strongly of green tea
The highlights of the trip: Zaiya's Yakimochi - with baked glutinous rice dough, surrounding a filling of sweetened adzuki bean paste - and an Adzuki Donut (featuring a similar filling, but with a more Westernized, sugary exterior.)

Not planning on a trip to the East Village in the near future? Then be informed that Zaiya *does* have another location - 18 E. 41st Street (right near Yagura.) So if you work in Midtown East - you might just be in luck.

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