Monday, July 12, 2010

Dim Sum Go Go

Dim Sum Go Go - 5 E. Broadway (Chinese)

Do you love dim sum? The delicate dumplings with translucent skin, the subtle Cantonese tastes...and the never ending arrival of steamer baskets with new and tempting treats? Are you a dim sum veteran? You've had the rolling cart experience...and now find yourself more interested in getting straight to your favorites (from BBQ bao or peking duck, to more vegetarian options)?

Then - give this small, classy dim sum joint a try. Located at the southern tip of Chinatown proper, Dim Sum Go Go is a great experience. Diners order straight from the menu (there are no rolling carts) but the options are delicious, and quite easy on the eyes. The vegetarian options are wonderful, too. While slightly expensive (at $11.00) I ordered the dim sum veggie platter - offering 10 delicately crafted dumplings, stuffed with soy bean, mushroom and/or white fungus (tinted everything from light green to bright fuscia!)

Was it worth it? Yes - both in taste, and aesthetics. Give DDGG a try - and experience the next level in dim sum dining.

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