Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Flushing Chinatown

The other NYC Chinatown. I haven't explored the area fully yet, but it deserves mention. The main difference I've noted from Chinatown Major is that the Queens version is spread out almost like a suburb. It's not as concentrated, and covers a large enough area that to see it all it would be better to have a car.

The majority of it runs along Main Street between Franklin and Northern Boulevard. Check out 40th street, it's particularly interesting, as is Roosevelt, which has places to explore extending about a block in either direction. There's also a noteworthy supermarket off of Kissena Boulevard. If you keep walking past Franklin, you'll eventually run into a bunch of Pakistani and Indian restaurants/groceries. FYI.

In case you are arriving by car, note also that the area has Avenues and Streets, which are different roads, and the numbers don't run along the same sequence. (Not that there's much good parking, so warning!)

By subway, simply hop the 7 to the last stop - that's how I did it on my second try.

It seems way more authentic and less tourist oriented than Manhattan's Chinatown - though considerably smaller as well. Pro: more exotic, authentic food. Con: most of the signs and menus are therefore in Chinese - can't read 'em!

Should you explore the area yourself, I have found two good sources of information:

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