Monday, July 12, 2010

Kam Man

Kam Man - 200 Canal Street (Chinese)
A very large, 2 floor place right on Canal Street. In the basement, there's a sea of fascinating kitchen hardware - steamers, rice cookers, bowls and utensils.

On the ground floor, you have a grocery store with snacks, frozen items. And in the front, you have grab and go munchies! The neatly packaged, moderately priced items (around $2.50) include such exotic Chinese goodies as chicken feet, cow intestine, bean curd and jellyfish. It took me awhile to realize this stuff was there (I was too busy looking at everything else), but it's a treasure trove of dim sum type snacks.

And if that's not enough, there are also reasonably priced refrigerated and non-refrigerated bubble tea kits ($5.50-$7.00), and $.90 cans of sago dessert drinks (which is a major savings over a $4.00 sago drink at Sweet N' Tart). Give it a try!

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