Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kate's Joint

Kate's Joint - 58 Avenue B (between 4th and 5th Street) (Alphabet City) (Vegetarian)
Most vegetarians have heard of Kate's Joint - and opinions vary.

Hidden on the edge of Alphabet City, this small, downscale diner has no pretensions. The space is larger than the average city site, with multiple tables, an actual bar - and minimal decor (complete with ripped seats, patched with tape.) Those who frequent Kate's don't come for the atmosphere....they come for the grub - vegetarian comfort food, such as burgers, sandwiches - and even dessert.

Based my visit, Kate's does a good job...especially with two dishes which often recieve praise - their Veggie Burger and Buffalo Wings. Presented on hardy, whole wheat bread, the Super Veggie Burger was the best I've eaten...relatively firm, good sized and tasty (and not particularly greasy, either - despite it's junk food status.) Though floppy, the breaded wings had just the right amount of tang and heat. And the chocolate cake was tasty too (though admittedly the least impressive of the three, and somewhat drier than your "average" non-vegan sweet.) But more visits are clearly needed, in order to sample the other items on the menu - such as pizza, and the tempting breakfast plates (including Vegan French Bread, Tofu Scramble and Whole Wheat Pancakes.)

The only negatives were location related - getting there requires a bit of a walk, and the prices are (unfortunately) Village Standard (running around $7.00 per dish.) But the service was nice and helpful, creating an all-round good time. Proving once again that atmosphere ain't what counts - it's the service you get, and what ends up on your plate. Based on my experience, this place is already one of my favorites.

2/2/07 Update - A return visit was definitely in order. This second time around, the choice was Vegan Delight Pizza - a floppy pie (large enough for two) - piled high with non-dairy ricotta and grilled vegetables. The taste - terrific (and in interesting contrast to Whole Earth Bakery's pie, which has a very crispy/chewy crust.) Happily, Kate's came through again. If only it wasn't so far away!

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