Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Max Brenner

Max Brenner (Chocolate by the Bald Man) (Dessert) - 841 Broadway (in Union Square, off 14th Street)
Newly opened, and decorated in rich brown hues, Max Brenner's is a Willy Wonka wetdream - complete with a matrix of chocolate colored pipes crossing the ceiling, and sample tubs of varied confections gathered at the mini store near the entrance. Beautifully rendered, the glossy menus are pure (chocolate) food porn, with artfully photographed pictures of shakes, fondues and other chocolately goodness. Does the concept work? Mostly. The atmosphere is fun, and the service...acceptable. Of the three items that we personally sampled, only one was truly great. The cookie shake was good, but powdery (though fun to drink, presented in an "Alice in Wonderland" sipping cup, complete with metal straw.) The peanut crepe was rich - too rich, with an overpoweringly peanut butter flavor. Ah, but the chocolate pizza with marshmellows? Now that was inspired - complete with rich, melted chocolate and gooey marshmellows. Half a pizza was enough - and definitely worth the overall trip. As for the atmosphere - suffice it to say that Max Brenner's isn't haute cuisine in the chocolate dept. - the vibe is strictly Cheesecake Factory, so those with higher pretentions will probably be turned off. But for the rest of us Max Brenners might be the perfect celebratory stop, say - once every year? Go at least once - and experience Max's Love for yourself.

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