Monday, July 12, 2010

Mott Street

Mott Street
Yes, just Mott. It's a great introduction to Chinatown - probably the first street you should wander through. Tons of stores, a few bakeries, and windy cross streets to explore. Although, as you become a veteran of Chinatown, you may find Mott Street looking too touristy. Check out Canal next.

An important point
: While both Mott and Canal are good starting points, it would be a grave mistake to travel their length and assume that you've seen all that Chinatown has to offer. The neighborhood is a large area, extending from Lafayette to Allan (East/West), and Delancy to East Broadway (North/South). As with much of life in general--it's the road less travelled that is the most interesting. So don't forget the perimeters, and tourist-free corners of Chinatown. That's where some of the good stuff is!

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