Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Asha Sri Lankan Restaurant

New Asha Sri Lankan Restaurant - 322 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island, NY (Sri Lankan)
The only place to get Sri Lankan around these here parts is Staten Island - the Manhattan locations are gone, closed. So far, I have only been to New Asha once - it was small and geared to cafeteria takeout (rather like Sripriphai, the Thai restaurant in Woodside.)

During my visit, I got a curry that was standard, but tasty. For $6.50, the portion was huge (good enough for my husband and I combined). But what I'd really come for were the hoppers and the puttu. Sadly, I found that they're only available in the evening (they take awhile to prepare.) So warning - if you're going anywhere for Sri Lankan, make it for a dinner. That's when everything's ready to go!

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