Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Philipino Food Centre

Philipino Food Centre - 234 E. Gunhill Road (Phillipino)
Wow! Finally, something neat in my neighborhood! This is a decent little deli, with a good selection of desserts in the refrigerator. Better selection, in fact, than Elvie's Turo Turo. So take that, Manhattan! So if you live in the Bronx, check this place out (although beware, they don't keep strict hours - officially, they're open 9-7 every day.). 3.9 stars - this place is A-one, and the absolute best place for Philipino treats (Sapin Sapin, Yema, Macapuno Tarts, etc), especially on the weekend after they've had a shipment in! If only they kept firmer hours....!

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