Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Pump (aka The Pump) - 40 W. 55th Street (5th and 6th Avenue) (Health Food)
112 W. 38th Street (6th Avenue and Broadway)
113 E. 31st Street (Park and Lexington)
31 E. 21st Street (Park Avenue and Broadway)

A NYC chain specializing in health food...much of it with a sports nutrition twist. Both omni and veggie options are available...running the gamut from grilled chicken sandwiches, to egg white omelets and more vegan friendly options as salads and whole wheat veggie wraps. While working late tonight I decided to sample the menu - ordering a grilled tofu wrap, vegetarian chili and a green juice shake (supplemented with soy protein.) An interesting combination, which unfortunately failed in every aspect. The tofu proved rubbery, the chili bland. The veggie juice was the highlight, with a decent (though unmemorable) taste. Too bad - for the concept behind Pump is admirable. With a little more spice and seasoning, the food could be, too.

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