Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Slice, The Perfect Food - 1413 2nd Avenue (73rd/74th) (Pizza)

A little pizza shop on the upper eastside, selling up slices with a twist - fresh/organic ingredients...and lots and lots of options. The menu offers plenty of premade variations - from plain (the simpleton) to Barbeque Chicken or Taste of India (chickpeas, tomatoes and onions.) Customers can also mix n' match with different toppings, crusts and cheese (they're very vegan friendly at Slice, offering up both soy and vegan-cheese as alternative toppings. There's even lactose free parmasan at the counter!) The vibe is friendly - complete with the (occasional) free sample. Now, this ain't your Grandma's pizza pie - made from honey whole wheat crust, spelt or rice, the crusts are wafer thin, and best described as crackers. They're also somewhat weak, and hard to handle with the toppings that go on some of the slices. (I had a few collapse in my lap.) Though the slices run towards small--and look something like school cafeteria pizza--they are tasty, and surprisingly filling. (Some of them are also cut up into neat little sub-triangles, which just looks cute.)

The downside? The cost is...er...upper eastside compatible, running up to $6.00 for a single slice. Really not quite worth the full bang for your buck. (My neighborhood joint Nicky's makes a slammin' good slice--about the size of a small horse--for $4.50.) And that's a shame, 'cause Slice is a neat concept. If only more pizza shops offered soy cheese alternatives!

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