Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Sripraphai (See-pra-pie) - 64-13 39th Avenue, Queens, NY (Thai)
Wow. 4 stars. A must go if you want to taste real Thai. It's got a small, plain-Jane white and green sign outside, and the inside is no more decorative. It's got all the stylish class of a small elementary school lunch room. And that's just how I like it. The food is very good (I've had the jungle curry so far), but I'd go there if only for the crowning glory - an amazing array of ready-to-carry desserts at the front counter and in a side refrigerator. It puts Udon's in Chinatown to a sad, sad crying shame. And--honestly--not that far of a train ride - just take the 7 to Woodside. Yum! (Thanks to Scaredy-Cat for turning me on to this place!)

8/12/06 - Long overdue update: Sripraphai has renovated. I haven't seen the space myself, but have been told by the best of sources that it's gone more upscale in atmosphere. Same good food - so what's to lose?

9/8/06 - A quick trip to Sri proves that the food is still sterling. The service seemed somewhat confused, with a snafu in the bill putting a light kink in the evening. But the place was packed, and the taste was there. So if you've never been - you should go. It's worth the taste. (But my next stop...will definitely be Zabb, if only for the change of pace.)

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