Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Sunflower - 6304 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA (Vegan)

I'd been wanting to going to Sunflower for some time. A friend in VA had recently become interested in vegetarianism...and I was looking forward to taking her for her first veg restaurant experience. I'd done the foodie research - and Sunflower came highly recommended by previous patrons. So I had extremely high hopes...all of which were sadly dashed.

Okay, so the service at Sunflower is pleasant and gracious...but that's the best possible thing that could be said about it. The atmosphere? Not so great, with basic kitchen seating and cartoony tshirts worn by staff and sundry.

Then there's the food...a travesty of blandness, from the tasteless gogi berries in my salad to a curry that had so little spice, my husband automatically named it "baby's first curry" (subtitled, curry Chef Boyardee.). And no, that wasn't being harsh...just factual. Okay, perhaps I'm used to mainlining kimchee, and sucking down the occasional gob of wasabi. But darn it, there's only so many times a gal can read about a tasty, tantalizing Asian fusion dish on the menu....only to find that it has all the style of canned Chop Suey. Darn it, Asian food deserves better. And so does vegetarian/vegan cuisine!

All in all, a very disappointing meal. At least the tab wasn't too steep - only $58 for three meals. But now I have to take my friend to a decent veg restaurant in Manhattan - if only to show that all veg food isn't as disappointing as Sunflower. Blossom and Curly's, here we come!

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