Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Akwaba - 62 East 116th Street (Between Park and Madison) (African)
I'm pretty much a neophyte with African food. I loooooovee Ethiopean (particularly Injera), and have greatly enjoyed a bowl or two of fufu. But I'm not that familiar with the range of African cuisine - and have wanted to remedy that problem for sometime now. After work today, I took the plunge - jumping on the 6 train to 116th street, en route to a restaurant called Akwaba.

Akwaba is pretty small, and not all that decorative. But what a nice group of people. The staff graciously answered all my questions regarding the menu - and even substituted an item when requested! The menu is long enough to require a few more trips, laden with options such as Mafe (rice with peanut butter sauce), Attieke (ground yucca), and many entrees involving beef, chicken or fish.

But the highlight of my maiden voyage to Akwaba was definitely the Thiakry. A sweet dessert made from fermented cream and millet, the thiakry was only $3.00 (and worth every bite.) Imagine yogurt - with an African twist.

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