Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Gobo - 1426 3rd Avenue (80th and 81st)/401 6th Avenue (Waverly Pl and 8th Street) (Vegan/Asian)
A graceful vegetarian haunt sucessful enough to have spawned 2 locations - one in the west village, the other on the upper east side. Decorated with clean lines and pristine bamboo, Gobo is clearly upscale - as are its prices (averaging from $8 - $18 per plate.)

For veterans of the veggie scene, the menu offers few surprises - plates of brown rice, dumplings, protein stir-fries and medlies. Sadly, the flavors skew towards bland - from the (understandably) subtle spinach dumplings to the Sesame Protein Nuggets (washed with the mildest of sweet and sour sauces.) At least the beverage options look promising - offering a full range of choices from smoothies to bubble tea.

But the overall effect has an empty feel - resulting in a restaurant which is elegant, streamlined - but lacking in flavor, or individual personality. Given its looks, it's really too bad. Because who needs another Zen Palate clone?

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