Monday, July 12, 2010

BLT Supplies

BLT Supplies, Inc. (Martial Arts) - 77 Mulberry Street

Did I mention? Other than being a foodie (or Chowhound, depending how you look at it), I'm also a Jujitsu martial artist (currently green belt in Jujitsu.) And I especially love beautiful edged weapons (like food, I like things that look exotic, that I haven't seen a million times before.) I also like cheap. And this place fits the bill with both aspects. They have a great book and video selection of martial arts instruction and really, really nice looking push daggers and fancy knives up front, some of which are only about $25 per (and they look very good.) So if you're into such things, by all means check this place out. It really beats the place on Mott Street!

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