Monday, July 12, 2010

XO Kitchen

XO Kitchen - 148 Hester Street (Elizabeth and Bowery) and 96 Walker Street (Hong Kong)
An authentic Hong Kong diner - specializing in dishes from frog congee to pork chop over well as a range of tempting desserts (such as Tang Yuan, various Tong Sui and Mango Pudding.) Available in two convenient locations, XO Kitchen has a cheap, fun Hong Kong vibe - not too fancy - with menu specials pasted on colorful bits of paper on almost every wall space available.

The price is also awright, running about $6 for an entree and as little as $2.50 for a dessert. Recent excursions have focused exclusively on the sweet stuff: including Tang Yuan (peanut buttery delicious) and ginger milk (not bad, though not worth a second tasting.) But other desserts beckon - including double boiled milk, papaya sago with ice cream, and even odorous noshes as durian pancake and pudding. (God knows when I'll get to the savory stuff!)

But no matter the timeline, this is one location worthy of further exploration. Taipan Bakery, eat your heart out....

3/10/07 Update - Tried the durian pudding and double boiled milk. The verdict - both good, though not awe-inspiring. Topped with condensed milk, the pudding had a mild, slight durian tinge. The boiled milk was nice (though guilt inducing to my vegan principles...), laced with a light ginger flavor that really helped it along. Neither are worth a second trip. But there's plenty of other things worth trying at XO anyway...

3/11/07 Update - I can't stay away from this place! Today, the sample consisted of the honeydew sago dessert and the durian pancake. Both proved to be worthy...with the honeydew dessert a sweet compilation of black tapioca balls, coconut pudding and honeydew melon balls, bathed in either coconut or condensed milk. The durian pudding was even better - made from fried thin rice sheets, filled with durian flavored pudding. Mmmmmm.

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