Monday, July 12, 2010

Great Noodletown

Great NY Noodletown - 28 Bowery (off Bayard) (Chinese)
Hardly a secret to Chinatown regulars, Great NY Noodletown is known for its Cantonese eats - serving up items from congee (with all the usual toppings) to numerous noodle dishes (including wide noodles, lo mein and wonton/dumpling soups. Filled with local clientelle (always a good sign), the space is bustling and admittedly cramped....but step inside and you'll immediately catch a whiff of the many salt-baked dishes available. During the Gaijin Girl trip, samples included vegetable dumplings (plain but satisfying) and Hong Kong style lo mein, with ginger and scallions (a simple meal, but you could really taste the ginger.) The food seems authentic, and it's dirt cheap - running around $3.00 for soup, and about $5.00 for a full meal..filling the average person close to bursting for less than $10.00. Is the stuff fancy? No. But it's satisfying....and that's a plus with me.

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