Monday, July 12, 2010

Healthy Desserts

Healthy Desserts - 150 Centre Street
I've walked by this place many times, wanted to go in, and never did. Today, I did, and I'm really glad.
It's a very friendly, open and accessible smoothie-dessert type boutique. Bright, and clean, and just lots of nice, neat, different type treats. On my first try, I had a more expensive dessert - Sago pearls with bird's nest, papaya and watermelon. But they also have more affordable drinks, like Bird's Nest and Honey Jelly, at $3.20 a pop. Definitely gotta go! Several stars! (Let me go a few more times, and I'll give a definitive rating.)

9/2/06 Update: Upon walking down Centre Street today, I found a new sign in place at 150 Centre Street: an establishment called Whatever. Either Healthy Desserts has been renamed - or removed. The menu appears to be the same, leading me to believe the former. But only time (and a trip) will tell...

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