Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Han Ah Reum

Han Ah Reum (Supermarket) - 25 W. 32nd Street
A great overall supermarket, with a very large stock of seaweed and miso. They also have nice little dishes of Korean desserts, such as ddeuk (Korean mochi.) It deserves (and will get) further exploration! (Not as good as the one in Ridgefield, however - see both for more details...)

Han Ah Reum (Supermarket) - 321 Broad Avenue, Ridgefield, NJ
I have seen Korean grocery nirvana, and it is Han Ah Reum. About the size of a small K-Mart (and the same color scheme), is grocery store in Ridgefield, NJ is packed. It's got a full bakery section, including such terrific goodies as Hotteok and bungeo ppang (a fish shaped pastry filled with red bean paste.) And it's only twenty minutes or so by car from New York! There's also a small food counter/area in the back, and it's worthwhile exploring the rest of the Han Ah Reum mall, also - there's a decent liquor store with Korean beers right across the hall from the supermarket.

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