Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Natural Tofu

Natural Tofu - 34 West 32nd Street (off 6th Avenue)

There is no sign for Natural Tofu. There isn't even a listing in Menupages. But the place had been recommended to me, and so I went - up the small flight of stairs to the spacious second floor.

Also known as Seoul Garden, NT is renowned for its Soon Tofu (soft tofu). So that's what I ordered. For only $10, you get quite alot of food. The Soon Tofu was nice, but even better were the banchan side dishes...one a sweet, lightly fried plate of tofu. The highlight of the evening was also banchan - a simple bowl of sweet black chewy beans - so good that I'll remember them long after the rest of the meal has faded into memory. (A wonderful side dish by the name of Kong JaBan)

Perhaps most striking is the pleasant atmosphere at NT. You feel right at home the minute you walk in. It's bright and spacious, with no feeling of "stuffiness" - just comfortable. And so, the evening was a success. If only Korean cuisine wasn't so expensive, I'd go regularly!

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