Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hiroko's Place

Hiroko's Place - 75 Thompson Street (Japanese)

I went there for the Ome-Raisu. I had the Neopolitan Spaghetti. I stayed there (and will probably go back) for the ambiance.

I'd discovered the name and address of Hiroko's Place while searching the web for a good spot to try Ome-Raisu, the Japanese fast food dish consisting of fried rice, encased in an omelet and covered in ketchup.

As I wandered through the West Village (unfamiliar territory for me, who is much more acquainted with the East Village) I found another place by the name of Choga, and grabbed the Ome-Raisu there. But - I was already downtown, so after Choga I kept wandering, over to where I knew Hiroko's to be. Thought I'd just stick my head in, then keep going.

But once I was there, the ambiance really impressed. Hiroko's is a cute, open spaced Japanese coffeehouse, complete with a bookcase of Manga, comfy spacious couches to lounge on, and just a great casual feel. I'd heard great things about the coffee, so I came in, ordered some Neopolitan spaghetti to go, and soaked in the atmosphere.

I'm not a coffee fiend, but the coffee was in fact tasty. Hiroko's has a small but interesting menu, which seems geared to Japanese fast/comfort food such as the Ome-Raisu, dumplings and spaghetti dishes. The prices are decent - average for the Village. The dessert menu is equally cute, with ice cream and agar jelly offerings. While I can't say I was thrilled about the Neopolitan, I did fall in love with the atmosphere. It was enough to keep me there, slowly nursing my coffee and reading the latest version of the Onion - just so I didn't have to leave too quickly.

Hiroko's seems like a great West Village Haunt - the perfect place to buy a cuppa (and maybe a small, sweet dessert), and just while away the time. Central Perk watch out. Cause this place is better.

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