Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Singapore Day

Singapore Day (Central Park - Wollman Rink) (Singaporean)
Well, I tried to go. I'd received the emails, inviting me to the first-ever Singapore Day in the Big Apple - a fun filled day of music, culture and --most importantly--authentic Singaporean street food. The dishes described looked quite tempting - ranging from fried carrot cake to kaya roti...featuring many items not easily available in restaurants downtown. Looking forward to the trip, I packed a Metrocard and headed towards Wollman Rink in Central Park West. Though a New Yorker, I've seen almost nothing of Central Park - it's too big, and too out of the way to either home or office. But the walk was beautiful, offering a glimpse of a green oasis that should really be visited more often...if only as an occasional break from everyday city life.

The path to Wollman Rink twisted and turned, requiring many stops along the way to ask for directions. Finally, the banners for Singapore Day appeared above the horizon. I'd reached the goal , salivating in anticipation. (Okay, that's melodramatic license. So sue me.)

...and then I saw the lines. Though invitation only, the turnout was massive, with a crowd reaching back as far as the eye could see. A veteran New Yorker--and used to waiting patiently--I staked my spot in line, pulling out my trusty reading material to wile away the time. But to no avail.
They were letting in people one at a time, with the line advancing at a crawl. In ten minutes, I'd moved less than a foot, with over two blocks to go. Even worse, the event was blocked by walls - allowing no sneek peek at the vendors inside.... The propect of standing in line for an hour loomed, with no visual proof that would be worth the wait. I gave it another five minutes, gaining about one inch of distance. Then I surrendered, and broke from the pack. Dusting myself off, I headed back towards the subway, away from both Singapore Day and Central Park. It might have been great...but I'll never know.

Seeking a different culinary adventure, I headed downtown instead. The result - an impressive first taste from the famed NYC Dosa Cart. Success - though with a different nationality and flavor. So it's true what they say. Every cloud *does* have a silver lining. Or at least a tasty one....

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