Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Katie Rolls & Chaat House

Katie Rolls & Chaat House - 101 Lexington Avenue (27th/28th Street)
I'd seen KR&C from outside, while driving down Lexington Avenue. It was a brief glimpse but the name just stuck, leading me to an unexpected obsession with Katie Rolls - a phenomenon which I had not heard of previously.

For those not in the know, Katie Rolls are the equivalent of an Indian burrito - paratha bread wrapped around traditional Indian ingredients such as curried chicken, or veggie potatoes. They're pretty popular these days with the office crowd, offering Indian flavor in a convenient grab n' go package.

Well, I just had to try it, and insisted on having one delivered today for lunch (sometimes it is good to work in midtown.) I have to give KR&C credit - they were gracious enough to deliver outside of their regular area, and the meal was worth it. Though somewhat greasy, the Katie Roll was satisfying...filled with spicy, stomach warming chickpea - and washed down with mango juice that also hit the spot. (KR&C sells quite a few juices and fruit flavored smoothies.)

But the best was the Papri Chaat--another item which I had never had before. Somewhat indescribable, the dish was a mixture of potato, chili, yogurt and tamarind. An unexpected kaleidoscope of flavors...all of 'em good. Was the Katie Roll worth it? Yes...at least as a one time try. But the Chaat? Now, that's a dish that's going to warrant seconds, and probably thirds.

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