Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Boi - 246 E. 44th (off 2nd Avenue) (Vietnamese)
Located in mid-town east, Boi is an upscale restaurant, known for its high price range - and *occasionally* mentioned in best-of discussions when the topic turns to Vietnamese. Reviews for the restaurant are generally mixed, with some singing its praises...and others not so laudatory. Given the location, I had my doubts as to authenticity. But I work in midtown - and sometimes you gotta go with what's nearby. Besides, Goi Du Du was on the menu....and cravings must be satisfied.

Maybe I'm picky - and I'm definitely a snob when it comes to holes in the wall. I prefer low key, with an emphasis on grub over glamour. And nothing about Boi was wrong. The atmsophere was refined, the service fast, and the staff relatively pleasant (though a bit pretentious, and lacking in, er, Vietnamese aura.) As for the salad - well - it definitely had some capascin action going, with an acceptable degree of mouth burn. Laced with a hint of vinegar, the salad seemed - lacking - and sadly bland. This is Vietnamese guys - I want my fish sauce!

Ultimately, I left with my taste buds disappointed - and I doubt it was the fault of the dish. As I walked back to work, I found myself craving Som Tam - a chance to get the flavor punch that I had thought Goi Du Du would provide. But lesson learned - next time, I stick to places with less corporate credo - and more Nuoc Mam.

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