Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Koryodang - 31 W. 32nd Street
A decent Korean bakery (a little on the fru-fru side for my tastes). But worth a stop. There's also one in Flushing, so I read.

There's one amazing thing I've had here: the cashier simply called it mochi, but it was wonderfully different. Pure white, this mochi was assymetrically lumpy with a tiny gel-green leaf on top. Inside was a creamy white filling, with a taste that I can't place (shiro-an, white bean paste?). It was the softest mochi/daifuku type dessert I've ever had - I think it had soy bean flour (kinako) on it. Almost supernaturally soft! They had it right next to the register, and if you see it....get it!

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