Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vegan's Delight

Vegan's Delight - 3565 Boston Road - Jamaican/Vegan
A small little Jamaican joint--possibly Ital--located on the far end of Boston Road. Though not large, the store offers some good veggie staples - including mock meat, vegannaise and nicely priced bulk items like beans, grains and dried fruit. (They also have containers from the "Just Veggie" company, priced at a reasonable $3.99 per container.) A counter in the back offers a limited selection of decent tasting entrees - ranging from patties to steamed veggies and various mock meat dishes... (Prices run a little steep, with small one dish entrees costing $5.75.) But the service is pleasant...and it's nice to have something in the neighborhood. (Why should Brooklyn have all the veggie fun?)

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