Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Little India

Looks like I've found my new home - at least for a little while.

The neighborhood is known as Little India - a short stretch of property running along the Lexington Avenue route....roughly between the blocks of 30th and 26th street. Not much of a distance, but what's packed into those 4-5 blocks makes it well worth the trip to Manhattan.

If you're an Indian food fanatic, you probably already know the area...or at least the names of the residential restaurants. There are alot of chowhound favorites in the area - only some of which I've tried. But they're worthy of note, even if they haven't made the list (yet.) So if you're in the area (or just came up from nearby Union Square), be sure to check out a few of the following sites:

  • Chennai Garden (129 E. 27th Street) (Park and Lex)
  • Curry in a Hurry (119 Lexington Avenue/28th Street) - An old standby, which I haven't tried yet.
  • Katie Rolls and Chaat House - 101 Lexington Avenue (27th/28th) - Amazing Chaat which you simply must try. At least the Papri Chaat, which is heavenly. The Katie Rolls? Well, they're okay...
  • Pongal (110 Lexington Avenue) (27th/28th) (Not yet tried)
  • Roomali (97 Lexington Avenue) (27th Street) - On my list of to-dos.
  • Saravanaas (81 Lexington Avenue) (26th Street) - A well known Southern Indian establishment, much loved among the vegetarian/vegan set

Then there are the food stores, offering a vast array of exotic spices, goodies and sweet ghee flavored confectionaries:

  • Foods of India (121 Lexington) - Sweets galore, from Jaleebi to Mysore
  • Kalustyan's (123 Lexington Avenue) - Has everything under the sun, from dried fruits, to sweets. Looks expensive...but what a great treasure trove...
  • Little India Grocery, Inc (128 East 28th Street, between Park and Lex) - More stuff....lots of it.
  • Spice Corner (135 Lexington Avenue/29th Street) - And more stuff...it just keeps coming.

And so should you, if you're an Indian food fanatic - or just interested in trying something new. Cause this place is great. Finally, something to get me excited, beyond plain old Samosas and curry! Below, you'll find a few more thorough reviews (some from earlier, older initial visits...)

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