Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Unique Pastry

Unique Pastry - 135-23 40th Road (Flushing, Queens) - Chinese
My first flushing linkable. This is a great easy-to-miss hole in the wall bakery right off the 7 line. They have terrific buns, filled with taro, spicy chicken (very good), and other stuffs. I also had an egg and chives pastry that wasn't bad. They're very nice and friendly, and it's only a little over a dollar a roll. If you're in Flushing, you have to go!

9/6/06 Bad news - I hear that Unique Pastry is no more, closed up shop. Good news: they've moved to Manhattan West Village, under the name Roll and Dough! Closer bings...yum!

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