Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pegu Club

Pegu Club - 77 West Houston Street (near Wooster) (Cocktails)
I have now found my favorite place for cocktails...at least for very special occasions. Unobtrusively located between Laguardia Place and Wooster--and marked solely by a glass-etched lion--Pegu Club is very easy to miss. But once upstairs, the (extremely) high class atmosphere is hard to forget. And so are the signature cocktails, running from their own version of mojitos to sake laced beverages, and my favorite - a Rum/Ginger beer mix known as a Jamaican Firefly. (It's also known as a Dark and Stormy, but that name is trademarked.) The drinks are reasonably priced for upscale Manhattan - $12.00 for the standards, and a little more for specialty drinks. (You also get a decent amount...at least there was for my D&S.) They also serve tapas type eats, but who cares? Patrons of Pegu are there for the atmosphere and the liquid refreshment. This place is class personified - perfect for that special date, or celebratory drink. So take a trip and see for yourself. And have one on me.

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