Tuesday, July 13, 2010


S'Nice - 45 8th Avenue (off W. 4th) (Vegetarian)
A hot new name in food, S'Nice is a comfy sandwich shop located in the West Village (a few doors down from the Chocolate Bar). Despite its liberal use of tempeh and tofu, it's hardly an Asian establishment - not even in the fusion sense of the word. As of late, my tastes have run astray...leading me on a temporary detour through American comfort foods and staples - from Pizza, to (veggie) dogs...and trendy sandwich shoppes like S'Nice.

Vegetarian themed, S'Nice offers a good selection of sandwichs, wraps and salads - from Tempeh Reubens, to a Thai Chicken Salad Wrap. The staff is casual, friendly...and the prices are good (at least for West Village wallets, at $7.00 a pop.) Geared to the sandwich gourmand, the fare may not be Banh Mi - but it is tasty, filling and perfect for the vegetarian palate. Full of panini, I left happy and satiated, thinking how nice it is when an establishment lives up to the hype. Or is that S'Nice...?

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