Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Raw Soul

Raw Soul - 348 W. 145th Street (St. Nicholas and Edgecombe) (Steps from the 145th Street exit - D train.) (Raw food)
An oasis of raw food - serving the Harlem community an array of soups, salads, smoothies...and classic living food entrees (such as burgers, wraps and veggie/zucchini noodle lasagna.*

There's a comfortable feel to Raw Soul - a vibe echoed both by staff and the elegant (yet streamlined) decor. Surprisingly spacious, the atmosphere is instantly welcoming - encouraging visitors to sit down, relax - and simply enjoy the food.

As with many health food establishments, several smoothies and beverages are served - including coconut water, sorrel punch and mint flavored rejuvelac. Though the customer next to me raved about the wheatgrass, my ginger beer proved lackluster (and somewhat watery.) The dessert offerings proved better - running the range from papaya ice popsicles and live cheesecake (mine was topped with strawberry...and tasted basically like ice cream pie.)

But the true highlight was the entree - an extremely satisfying tamale pie (made with chile spiced nut meat, and covered with a surprisingly authentic layer of raw corn bread.) The taste was complex - the portions generous (especially compared to many other raw establishments in NYC.) Other tempting options include quiche (made with nut crust, marinated vegetables and almond cheese) and the personal pizza - topped with a choice of pesto sauce or walnut cheese/mushrooms/peppers and sundried tomatoes. So next time, I'm focusing on the main dishes. Because at Raw Soul, there are alot of good tastes to choose from.

*Educational as well as culinary, Raw Soul also offers food prep classes, for those interested in pursuing a living foods lifestyle.

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