Tuesday, July 13, 2010


TeaNY - 90 Rivington Street (Vegetarian/Vegan)
A cute little tea shop on Rivington - serving teas, sweets and various vegetarian/vegan cuisine. Partly owned by Moby, the space has a clean, mod look - and a menu filled to the brim with veggie quick bites...including soups, salads, sandwiches, bagels and scones. (According to Vegan Friendly, their quiche is fab!)

During the Gaijin trip, a sampling of the lighter options proved interesting:
    • For the entree, a vegan BLT - served on whole wheat, with vegannaise and bits of tempeh bacon. (Nice, but not amazing...though a more generous serving of "bacon" would have done wonders.)

    • For dessert, a Chocolate Peanut Mousse cake, made by the renowned Vegan Treats company. Tasty and noticably moister than many other vegan cakes...but honestly not good enough to beat a Blossom dessert, or Sacred Chow's spectacular brownies.

    • Not surprisingly, the drink was the highlight of the evening - a sweet candied apple tea lightened with soy milk... Wow. Now this was good! Starbucks, eat your heart out!
While the food is basically okay, drinks truly appear to be the raison d'etre for TeaNY. So buy a scone if you're feeling peckish - but go for the drinks, and the laid back, LES atmosphere.

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